Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simple Pleasures

My local radio station discusses people's simple pleasures every Thursday morning, so I'm stealing the idea.  It's part of my "come on get happy" campaign to battle the winter blahs and the blahs in general. 

So, for my simple pleasure today, I'm going to pick going for walks in Deltaville (since this is a Deltaville blog I'll keep with the theme).
Sometimes things can be a little boring in Deltaville.  You've gone on the pier so many times, slept in the hammock so many times, and watched the Shrek movie until your eyes bleed (the joy of 3 year olds and their movie fixations).  So that's when you go for a walk "around the point". 

The Point is simply the road that circles around the end of the pennisula where our community is located.  I imagine the name refers more to the fact that it is the tip/point of the pennisula, otherwise I guess we would have called it the loop.

When I was younger, the road was not all gravel.  Back in the day we had an orangey sand and some spots with oyster shells.  I used make sand castles in the road near our house.  Walking during the day is hot and sweaty, and always takes you past the community pier and boat ramp where, as a kid, I always accidentally fell in the water on purpose.  Now my children accidentally fall in the water on purpose.  (Accidentally falling in on purpose is an artform typically mastered by children who are wearing one of the few clean outfits they have left for vacation and happens when specifically told NOT TO GET WET) 

Walking during the day you see your neighbors, find out who's down for the week/weekend, check out everyone's flowers look for anything new that's been added since you were down there last.  Basically it's trespassing legally from the road since it's a public road and broad daylight, you can be nosey without getting in trouble.

At night walks are even better with the noise of boats and cars gone, you hear more of nature's sounds.  Whipporwills whistle, the fittings on the ropes on the mast of the sailboat across the creek ping in the breeze, the Milky Way stretches across the sky... it's magical (you can also look into the windows of your neighbors' houses to see how they have things decorated... not that I would ever do that). 

so, what's your simple pleasaure today?


  1. This post reminds me of summers spent at my grandparents in New England and why I want to move to Deltaville!

  2. It's one of many reasons why I want to move to Deltaville (or nearby town)!

  3. Jamie, Thank you for your blog.

    I have so many wonderful memories of Deltaville as a child. My Mom was born and raised there and my grandparents lived on Jackson Creek. We were there every weekend and for the summer.

    I have now been fortunate enough to buy a very small house there, that I am restoring so my kids can experience the same wonderful things that I did.

    I remember the 4th of July parade, fishing and wading around crabbing with my father. I would get up early and go out with my grandfather to empty his gill net. going to the stop-n-shop store to get candy and brownie drinks and going to old Kelly store (lattitudes now) to get salted codfish that we would have for breakfast. I had no idea what a treasure it was until I was grown.

  4. Anonymous- Oh the Stop-n-Shop! How I cried the day it burned down! (definitely will be a post in the future) Thanks for checking out the blog and hope you come back regularly as I will be carving out more blog time! And perhaps we'll run into each other this summer :)