Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Sue

Those of you who reside or vacation in the tidewater area are familiar with Little Sue convenience stores.  They've been in the Middlesex, Mathews and Gloucester Counties forever (or at least 30 some years).  Recently, the Little Sue located on the "main drag" of Deltaville was purchased by the evil 7-11 and is no longer a Little Sue.  I nearly threw myself down on the ground kicking and shrieking cried. 

I have a history with Little Sue.  I thought I was big stuff when I was allowed to ride my bike up to the Little Sue in town.  I might have been around 10 at the time.  I'd pedal up there on my rainbowed banana seat bike and get a slice of pizza or a candy bar, or just loiter because that was cool. My daughter and her friends thought it was cool when I let them walk up to the Little Sue.  Until they realized how long a walk it was.  I ended up driving to pick them up.

The biggest history I have with Little Sue took place when I was much younger, maybe 6 or 7 years old.  There was an ad in the Southside Sentinel for a little girl with dark hair and a tan complexion to be "Little Sue" in an advertising campaign.  I wanted to apply.  If I remember the story right, a district manager saw me later in the Little Sue and said I'd be perfect (as I had long dark hair in braids and spent my summer with a deep tan from running wild being outside all summer).  My parents declined as we didn't live in Deltaville and only spent time there now and then in the summer. 

I could have been rich.  It's just like my dad's Gerber baby story... supposedly he was up to be the Gerber baby and my grandmother didn't do it.  So that makes me almost an heiress.


  1. I hate it when the traditional places we hold dear to us change!