Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Beach Walk: Haven Beach

I enjoy going to Haven Beach for a couple of reasons.  One is that it's haunted- always a plus in my book.  It also has a ton of things to look at...  lately though (since the "hurricaneasters" came through) it hasn't been that great for swimming.  A severe amount of erosion has occurred to take away large amounts of sand covering some mud flats.  Rocks from the jetty also washed into the swimming area.  Because of the exposed mud flats, there is a lot of brown particles on the beach and in the water.  And it is a rather isolated area... But, it does offer some excellent photo ops.

I though this driftwood looked like a hermit crab. 

I'm pretty sure that the Haven Beach Overlook is available for use by people visiting Haven Beach, despite the fact that I'm also pretty sure the pier/boardwalk is connected to the nearby house.  However, the sign on the boardwalk looks like a brown municipal sign (like the state parks use) and there were no trespassing signs. 


  1. Lovely ... I wish I wasnt at work .. I'd prefer to go photo hunting with you on the beach .. nice shots!

  2. I sure hope that was at high tide because there used to be a whole lot of beach in front of that dock.

    Great shots! Better than goom. Great!

  3. Really great shots! Anyday anywhere other than work is a good day. I really need to retire!

  4. Oh! Photo hunting at its best. Lots of textures there.