Friday, August 13, 2010

Simple Pleasure: Choc-it Shakes sans Whip Cream

On one of our many excursions during vacation, we opted to stop at a fast food joint grease hole restaurant to get something to drink.  Of course the Brat Child wanted chocolate chip cookies.  Because lunch was planned in the near future, I didn't want his meal spoiled by empty calories, so to tempt him away from the cookies I suggested- a Chocolate Milkshake (as any good mother would because if you suck those empty calories up in a straw they aren't as filling as if you actually chewed before swallowing or something like that).  Brat Child was not easily swayed until I explained that it was chocolate ice cream you eat with a STRAW. 

"This is Goom.  I like choc-it shakes!"  He was a fan at the first sip.  (why he can say "amazing" with precise clarity but can't get that "good" has a d not an m on the end of it is beyond me).

So a few days after the shake initiation, we were headed home from the beach.  Passing the Hardee's in Mathews (also know as the World's Slowest Fast Food Place- seriously I think it's in the Guinness Book of Records), my mom asked if anyone was thirsty.  Being tired, we opted to just go home.  Until the Brat Child started yelling (please note any capitalization or enlarged font denotes extreme volume), "Go Back! Go Back! I want a CHOC-IT SHAKE!"  So my mom turned around, and Brat Child's head stopped spinning 360 degrees and was no longer vomiting pea soup. 

We ordered our drinks and 2 shakes (Big Sis also wanted one) and of course Hardee's, while slow, makes a damn fine shake complete with whipped cream.  Unfortunately, the Brat Child doesn't think whipped cream is appropriate topping for choc-it shakes. 

BC- I don't wike cweam
B Sis- It's good
BC (now sobbing) I don't wike it!
BS- I'll take it off
BC- stoopid wady! (referring to the woman at the drive thru window)
Me- Hey! Ethan that isn't nice we don't call people stupid!
BS- Here's your shake I took the cream off
BC- 'Anks Didget mmm, dis gooom.

Crisis averted.  The next night, we ordered 5 shakes, one without "cweam". 
And they were GOOOOM!

*Wait until you hear about the vultures, the sausage discount and the guy who mooned everyone in the Hardee's parking lot.... and CBW says Mathews is dull and boring!


  1. Oh, this is hilarious, in fact dis goom. Really goom.

    I wrote a post about That Very Hardees and how I vowed never EVER EVER to go there again even if they do have the world's best choc-it shake, and of course they do.

    The only place worse is the Burger King outside of Kings Dominion, where I spun out on two wheels due to the wady's wudeness and incompetence. But that's another story and it's not a goom one.

    Didget's brother knows what he's talking about. He has daggone goom taste.

  2. Oh! And in that very Hardees parking lot? I once saw a LAWN MOWER PARKED IN A PARKING SPACE.


    You cannot make this stuff up.

  3. LOL oh your comment was vewy vewy goom! I'm still laughing. I made Didget wead it and she's laughing. I can't wait to get back to "Delp-a-dill" (that would be Brat Child speak for Deltaville) I miss you guys!

  4. My littlest Dude doesn't like the Cweam either.. he does not think it is Goom... I think the last time he told me it was $#%@#$# nasty.. I would rather my child said It is not Goom than that.. sigh.

  5. Goom ... its now in my official lexicon ... or lexigom ... plexigoom... I dont wike cweam on my shake eada

    My friend's son (now an adult and a father himself) could not say L .. it came out as a Y .. so my mom was Aunt Yiyyie

  6. Not wike cweam? BWASPHEMY! ; )

    We ate at that there Hardee's when we were in Mathews (inside), and the service was not slow at all. But, if it makes you feel better, on the west coast the chain is called Carl's Jr. and I wouldn't go there, at least not through the drive-thru, because my car would overheat waiting for food.