Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Vultures

There are about 7 vultures in this photo.  Take my word for it, or try to find them for yourself like one of those Find-a-Picture things, but there are at least 7.  There were more than 7 in the trees, but it's not easy to get a decent shot of vultures in the trees when you are hanging out the passenger side window while your mom is driving down the road in a moving car.  I will give my mom credit, she recognized it was something I would want to photograph and willingly turned around to try to get a shot (we drove by 3 times... people were staring).

Not only were the vultures in the trees, they were sitting on the ground on the opposite side of the road, except this one who was perched on a dead tree.  My mom supposed that there was a dead animal or something in the weeds.  "You mean something like a dead body?" I asked (key dramatic music and a some thunder and lightning).  It wouldn't be the first dead body in Mathews.  But seriously, you can typically nose those things out in August in record heat.  And I wasn't nosing nothin'.
So, apparently, just outside of town heading to Haven Beach, there is a vulture hang out.  They were there each day we drove down the road.  they never startled, never flew away.  Just watched us drive by.  
Makes you hope they don't possess a sixth sense.

When I do my posts on the VA Living Museum you can learn why vultures have no feathers on their head and neck.


  1. Hi, Jamie! Your Sam I Am comment on my blog made me laugh out loud.
    I had someone set my laptop up for me because I'm about clueless. I think that's the ticket. Good luck!

  2. CG- I have to hide Green Eggs and Ham because I can only take so much of it... and it stays with you, like bad meat... or something. Glad your laptop is working, I just got another program to try from my dad, here's hoping...

  3. We have a similar vulture hangout at the end of my lane. At first I thought it was something dead, but when they were there so many mornings in a row I realized it couldn't be that. Perhaps it's a vulture apartment complex or something. Or maybe it's a reunion. Who knows. Your mother sounds like a good sport. Correction: Your mother sounds like a GOOM sport.

  4. I am now wondering if the 'eagle' Annie spotted (and I snapped as he was heading off) wasnt a vulture ...

  5. I found the seven vultures! Are they the same thing as buzzards? We have alot of those here!
    Great shot!

  6. Buzzards and vultures are the same thing. A buzzard is usually a turkey vulture (turkey buzzard)then there are black vultures which is what I think I photographed, hard to tell when looking through the camera at 40MPH