Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Incident

Down Deltaville, we spend a lot of time playing on the pier with the dogs.  My dog Bailey is a water nut and launches herself off the end of the pier for sticks, pine cones or sometimes even for the joy of jumping off the pier.  While my mom and I were out at the store, my dad, Big Sis, Big Sis' friend and the Brat Child were at the house.  The kids were throwing sticks for the dogs while my dad chilled in the hammock. 

Unfortunately, the Brat Child thought it was okay to run down the dock carrying a handful of sticks.  He didn't realize that this made him dog bait.  The dogs went running after him, and Bailey knocked him off the end of the pier.

Big Sis ran down the pier, tossing her cell phone on the dock before jumping in after the Brat Child.  My dad was right behind her, though I'm not sure how he made it from the hammock up at the house down to the pier in the time span he did. (I'm wondering if he might be Flash in retirement or something.)

Anyway, back to the action... when Big Sis went in, she realized the Brat Child was actually treading water and keeping his head afloat.  Not something he had really been taught, just something he knew how to do from being in the swimming pool and not wanting his ears to get wet (he has ear issues).  Big Sis grabbed the Brat Child and helped my dad pull him up onto the dock.  My dad tried to pull Big Sis up, but he nearly went in too so she swam down to the shallow end and climbed out. 

Yes, Big Sis got stung.  She also lost a pair of white flip flops.  Our dog Bailey actually went and retrieved it, but my mom's dog Bindi took it from Bailey, swam further out and then let go of the flip flop.  The other flip flop is apparently still stuck in the muck of Sturgeon Creek.  She broke her cell phone when she threw it, but thankfully I was smart enough to have it insured so she had another one waiting for her when she got home from vacation (being the second phone she has broken, she can't get another replacement for a year).  I'm proud of her quick response and smart thinking.  My dad said it was god she went in because he didn't see where the Brat Child went in, just heard the splash.  I'm also proud of the Brat Child who was able to tread water and, while scared, did not panic.

The Brat Child must always wear a life jacket on the pier from now on. 
And he isn't happy about it.


  1. Poor Brat Child! But excellent and quick thinking on Big Sister's part.

    I know how much he hates wearing that life jacket. I'm sure it's nothing a chock-it shake couldn't fix. Mmmm mmmm goom.

  2. Oh my goooooooood gawd ... he is amazing and so he needs to know that that life jacket is cool and he is cool for wearing it .. being safe is cool ... and you can just pluck the new silver hairs this incident cost you.

  3. Tell him that life jacket looks much better than a rubber ducky!!

  4. I think he would be happier if the life jacket didn't have that strap that goes between the legs... I imagine that isn't so comfortable. And he would probably prefer the ducky... must be a genetic predisposition