Friday, June 24, 2011

Art & Seafood Fest

This past October, I went to the Holly Point Nature Center's Art & Seafood Fest in Deltaville. Honestly, what prompted me to go was the promise of a living history group know as Blackbeard's Pirates. The Brat Child is a pirate fanatic.

Black..err.. Whitebeard
The Brat Child joining the pirate ranks
Working on sword play-
because BC needs to know the proper way to work a sword.
Even Midge got into the action
 My mother and I were pleasantly surprised at the number of vendors and at the quality of their wares.  It was a warm but not hot day, and though it was well attended, the set up gave plenty of room to walk around and browse.  I purchased a nice flounder wineglass and some character inspired ice cream.  I also found a very cool iron flying pig key or business card holder (everyone needs one). 
Mom bought a parrot wineglass. 
There were pony rides, interesting things made from metal and a train display (BC is also a huge train fanatic).
The pierwalk was also open.
Restored F.D. Crockett
Bow of the Explorer-
replica of Capt. John Smith's boat

It was a gorgeous day and one of the best weekends I've had. 
Can't wait to go again in 2011.
I need some more flounder glasses.

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  1. What fun! I'm guessing Brat Child had the time of his life with those pirates.