Friday, June 10, 2011

Remembering Pauline

A year ago today, my grandmother Pauline Jackson passed away.
The one great thing I can say about her is that she loved her grandchildren.
My cousin Kelly and I certainly tried her patience.
Like the time we hid her "dirty books" as she called the Tabloids she read religiously.
Or when we set up a snail habitat in the sink and the snails got out.
Then there was the summer we were trying to catch and keep minnows as pets, and as they died, Kelly and I buried them in the yard complete with crosses made from sticks.  My grandmother, who cut the grass in her bare feet, could be heard yelling about "treading on those damn things" and "running those sticks through her foot". 
We've used her perfume to spray love letters, her lipstick to kiss love letters, her good pantyhose were cut up for ski masks, her cosmetic items used for our own concoctions and "potions" and her good towels used as flags for Capture the Flag.
And I can't even tell you how many times we woke her up in the middle of the night with our "carryins on".
And while there were threats to "crack us" with something, she never did.
Growing up into adulthood, I always knew she was on my side, even if my side was dead wrong, she would agree with me. 
So here's to Pauline....

Deltaville- going fishing with my cousin Dawn

Sitting on the deck in Deltaville with my Uncle Doug

My Aunt Joyce is in front getting her hair messed with, I have my arm around Sheba the Dog, my cousin Kelly is standing, my cousin Jeff is the green shorts, my sister Carrie is the toddler and my Grandmother

Grandmother and Ernie her poodle in Deltaville

Me, Grandmother and Carrie

My favorite photo- Ethan and "Great Mother"

Me and Grandmother in Deltaville

Grandmother and Aunt Joyce at Stingray Point

Grandmother at Deltaville


  1. I can tell you loved and miss your Grandmother. What sweet memories!

  2. Beautiful tribute, Jamie, and its amazing how you look the same since you were a babe ..

  3. This is priceless.

    Also, that picture of you on the picnic table while your Aunt Joyce's hair is getting messed up -you look so much like Ethan. Amazing.

    Love the stories, esp. the barefoot grass cussing. I mean grass cutting.

  4. What wonderful memories of a beautiful woman. I can feel the love....