Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Haven Beach Overlook

 I've taken more than a few photos of these chairs sitting on this dock called the Haven Beach Overlook.
Located at one the the Mathews' beaches where people swim and fish, 
it was something that made me dream and think.
One day, I'd be sitting in those chairs and sharing the view with someone special.
There would be hand holding.
There would be deep meaningful conversation or not 
because just being with someone special and not saying a word is deep and meaningful in its own way.
 I never climbed up to sit in those chairs.  
Just took photos and made my dreams.
Sadly, I learned yesterday that Hurricane Irene took the dock and the chairs out to the Bay.
They're gone.
Of course now I have someone special to sit with. 
And while I'm disappointed that I don't have the chance to sit in the chairs with person, 
I am grateful that the chairs were there when he wasn't to help keep the dream alive until he showed up.

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