Monday, April 16, 2012

The Anniversary

One year ago today, Deltaville was hit by an F2 tornado that ripped through churches, trees and homes.  I've always been moved by the news footage of the aftermath of these fierce storms.  But until you live it yourself, you don't quite understand the toll something like this takes on the people involved.  Houses that you've been looking at for your entire 36+ years of existence destroyed.  Trees that you've played under, laid under and climbed twisted and snapped like twigs.  The trees are the worst part for me.  You can't just go buy another 100 year old oak tree and stick it back in the ground.  It's gone, and there won't be another close to it in my lifetime, nor my kids' lifetime. 

Deltaville was blessed that day as there were no casualties, no fatalities, nothing other than minor cuts and abrasions.  Today, whether you've been the victim of a severe weather event or not, take a moment to offer a prayer to those who have been.  To those towns that weren't lucky enough to not suffer death.


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  1. That image of the church always gets me every time. Absolutely incredible.