Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Point Comfort Lighthouse

The New Point Comfort Light was completed in 1804 and the light was first lit in 1805. 
 It is the 10th oldest lighthouse still standing in the United States. 

Elzy Burroughs, the builder of the lighthouse was also appointed as the first Keeper by Thomas Jefferson. 
During the War of 1812, the Brits burned down the keeper's house and oil vault, broke the glass in the lantern and removed the windows and door.  
Burroughs was called upon to repair the damage.
Luckily the Confederates were much kinder to the property.  
After their occupation (where they extinguished the light to hinder the Union Navy), the property was merely neglected and needed minor work.
 The light was converted to electricity in 1950 and in 1963 
it was decommissioned and replaced by an offshore navigation aid.

Since 1976, restoration efforts have focused on stabilizing the structure. 
Because of safety concerns, the lighthouse is no longer open to visitors.  
There is an observation deck located at the southern end of Route 600 (where these photos were taken) where you can view the lighthouse in the distance.
I hear the swimming in the channel between the mainland and the lighthouse is excellent because the current prevents jellyfish from being an issue.  
Hopefully I can get there by boat to get some better shots.

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