Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Motive Votives

During my visit to the Deltaville Farmer's Market, 
I came across a vendor selling cute votive candle holders in an array of colors and patterns.  
Speaking with one of the women working the booth, 
I learned that these votives were made by homeless veterans 
and that a portion of the proceeds went to helping them.
We of course purchased 4.
(And looking at this photo I'm wishing I purchased more- like the patriotic ones. 
Hopefully they have a booth at Heritage Days this weekend!)
Information on the business card:
What is Motive Votive? Motive Votives are beautiful creations meant to inspire the receiver and encourage the people who make them. Who makes them? Individuals who are working to overcome their homelessness.  Creating each votive builds confidence which instills pride and belief in oneself.  This is often the first step. How did Motive Votive get started? We work with a group of homeless individuals who help develop and research the best technique to make Motive Votives.  How can You help? Buy a Motive Votive and help inspire others.

Want to get your own Motive Votive or learn more? send them an email: motivevotiverva@gmail.com

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