Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stingray Point- The Final Years

These top photos are from later years at Stingray Point.
That's my oldest child in the photos.
Things have changed at Stingray.
Ownership changed hands and the beach is no longer available for public use.
You have to buy a lot in the wooded area behind the beach to gain access to a portion of the beach.
The other portion is now privately owned by someone who at one time complained about the trash.
I find this amusing because nowadays, 
the beach looks a little crappy what with the weeds and the falling down fence
and the million and 1 no trespassing signs everywhere.

These photos don't show most of that because who wants pictures of a million and 1 
no trespassing signs?
(Ok so I might have a few photos of myself and my cousin posing next to no trespassing signs but that's not important).

It's sad really.
So many years and
so many memories.

(I'd like to take a moment to mention a law that states no one can own a beach meaning if you enter a beach from the water via boat, you can be there up to the high tide line and not be trespassing.  The Kennedys tried to fight this law and lost. Just throwing that out there for ya)


  1. I love your blog and all the nostalgia. I wish I grew up in a place like that. It sounds wonderful. My parents go to Grey's Point every year, but we have not traveled all the way down to Deltaville.

  2. Thank you! Grey's Point is a nice campground and only about 30 minutes from Deltaville and Stingray Point. Deltaville has some cute little shops, hope you check it out sometime!

    1. . That's good to know. I need to tell my husband we need to take a drive there. :)