Friday, July 19, 2013

Stingray Point- Childhood Years Addendum

It never fails.
When you're looking for specific photos, 
you never find them until the day after you needed them.

Here my cousin and I are being buried in the sand at Stingray Point.

Here we are looking like buried dead captains.
I said we've grown up to be eccentric adults we were odd children.

It wasn't just playing in the sand that we loved.
The water was the best part.

My cousin and I had a favorite raft.
The raft in this photo isn't that raft.
The one we liked was an owl.
This is just a turtle raft we used and worried about being swept out to sea in
every time we used it.

Me and my sister

My sister, brother and dad
I included this photo because I wanted to show the weirdness is obviously a genetic trait.
Why in the world are they lifting their leg??


  1. I can't get over how much you look like Ethan in these pictures! Amazing.

    Weirdness most definitely is a genetic trait. Most definitely.

  2. I'm more taken by the fact that the floatie/raft thing? that's all you, sister!

  3. love these and its clear that your son looks exactly like you!