Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Baby

Meet Jake.
He's our new baby.
And as it seems to be with most babies,
he wasn't planned.
Waiting for the Brat Child
One evening as Big E and I left my house,
we saw what we first thought was a cat
dart across the road in front of a car.
As we continued by, 
we both realized it was a puppy.
Yelling for him to stop the car, 
I jumped out.
The puppy came right to me
and I scooped him up and took him into the car.
Riding shotgun
We called local shelters and SPCA's
but an ad in the local paper
posted things on Facebook
and checked Craigslist in 3 different cities.
No one was looking for this dog.
The road I live on is a rural dirt road without a lot of houses
and this puppy wouldn't be the first one to be be left on the road to fend for himself.
Because he was so young and no one at all was looking for him,
it was my opinion and that of the shelters and SPCA
that this was indeed a dump.
Seriously, people, if you have an animal you don't want
or can't keep
take it to a shelter or give it away via classifieds or Craigslist.
Don't just leave them in the cold on the side of the road.
This puppy nearly got run over
because someone didn't want to drive 15 minutes away
and take him to the shelter.
And so,
after 2 weeks of seeing if an owner would appear
Jake is home.
In our home.
He's actually really good.
Has the concept of house training down
and has only had a handful of accidents- mostly due to human error.
And he already learned "sit"
He tries to fit all the toys in his mouth.
So far he has managed the tire rope toy and the tennis ball
at the same time.
And his ears crack me up.
He really gets "into" his food
He's named after the Pirates of the Mississippi song "Feed Jake"
(You know, "If I die before I wake feed Jake...)
Seriously, feed him because he acts like he's starving 90% of the time.

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