Friday, January 31, 2014

Virginia Beach

With all this Arctic weather
I wanted to be reminded about warmer times
so here's some shots of Virginia Beach this past August
Yes, that's a sweatshirt Lizard's wearing.
Funny, I want to look at photos from vacation because it's so cold here
and the day these were taken it was unseasonably cold at the beach.
I guess because it was overcast and chilly,
the beach wasn't as crowded as usual.
The skies were busy though.
The Brat Child thought it was awesome that we were in the direct flight path
of the Naval base.
He said it was just like being in a battle.
The chilly temps didn't stop the Brat Child 
from learning how to boogie board.

He was fearless.
It was a good day.
It didn't take long to get there
at all.
Next time I'd like a little more time for shopping.

1 comment:

  1. I love Virginia Beach, especially the boardwalk. We usually go at least once or twice a year. Tell E they give surf lessons all the way at the southern end of the beach.