Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Meditation

I'm switching gears and trying something different.  While I was contemplating what I should blog about this week (and coming up completely short on anything humorous), I thought I should try to do a themed day sort of post... Something with a title that shows my prowess for alliteration. 
So I thought of things like "Monday Moan" "Monday Melancholy" "Monday Mayhem" and realized I was having issues coming up with anything positve that has to do with a Monday.  I honestly can't say if it had to do with the particular day of the week or my current mood, either way, I wasn't pleased with it.  So, finally, I opted for Monday Meditation. 
Every Monday I will try to come up with some type of quote or saying or something that will possibly induce a little more positive minded thought (and I promise in the future there won't be as much babbling).  So, for my very first Monday Meditation, I picked a quote from one of my favorites:

Do not grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.


Reminds me that while things might seem bad and impossible, eventually whatever you've lost: your car keys, a person, friendship, love...
you'll find again.


  1. I like this .. I wish I had thought of Monday Meditation tho I talk so much Monologue seemed more right .. didnt want to fool the many many readers of my blog and have them think I was just going with wordlessnessssssss

    Seriously I do like that quote .. I am adding it to my Overheard list ..

  2. What's wrong with babbling? I happen to be fluent in that language.

    You haven't lost anything. Things have just been reshuffled a bit. Everything that's most important you still have, in abundance.

    It will all be fine, better than ever. May take a while to get there, but you will. I promise.

  3. Within the last year I have lost 4 people, (OK 1 was a dog), and it has been really hard. 1 was my Mom (the hardest) I think the only thing that gets me through it is knowing that someday we will all be together again. Faith tells me that...