Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simple Pleasure: Baseball

Nothing says Spring is here like a snowstorm on March 30th watching some baseball.  And there's no place better to take in a game than the Deltaville Ballpark.
The ballpark is a throw back to simpler times. 
The seats are wide wooden boards, the wire that protects the spectators is crabpot wire (won't see that at a professional ballpark) and if you return a foul ball to the concession stand you get 50 cents.
Other reasons to watch a game:
*The hot players (according to Big Sis, OK and me, and, well, CBW too)
*a hot dog, soda and chips costs around $5- try buying a soda for $5 at Camden Yards
*No one is taking steroids, lying about steroids, unknowingly being given steroids... you get the idea.
*It's like going back to the 40's and 50's- a real piece of small town American history.
*the hot players (oh, already said that)

For historical information on the ballpark and The Deltas, check out the post I wrote about them.


  1. I am not a baseball lover but hot men .. a whole other ball game ;-)

  2. The hot players are the best reason--besides the crab pot wire used to block foul balls, the wooden seats and the wine in the parking lot--to watch baseball here.

    (It's BYOW, but still.)

    LOVE this stadium and can't wait to get back there soon.

  3. Hot players, Hot dogs...and a down home ball park! Let's play ball!