Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Meditation

                                 But learn                                 
this custom
from the flower:
your tongue.



  1. Not always so easy .. I have to learn to filter more ..

  2. I sometimes have to suppress my out-loud voice. These words will remind me to hush.

  3. So true but so difficult to do. It wouldn't be so hard if people weren't so trifling. And by people I mean men. And when I say men I mean pigs.

    Woopsie daisy.

    I think I've just illustrated the exact opposite of the custom of the flower. Sorry about that. Sometimes I'm a slow learner.

  4. Great shot. Reminds me of the vantage point in "A Bug's Life." As for holding my tongue? Not bloody likely. ; )

  5. I too need to learn to bite my tongue more often, not always easy.... and CBW, there are so many things I could reply here to your comment, but that would be going totally against the point of the blog ;)