Thursday, April 7, 2011


This past summer while on our yearly vacation, we learned that some of our friends from home (home being up north in Maryland) were staying at the Grey's Point Campground/RV Park.  It was decided we would meet up in Kilmarnock for some bowling at the new Kilmarnock Entertainment Center.

This was the Brat Child's first time bowling.

  He loved the shoes. 

He also is a big fan of bumpers. 

We all were big fans of the bumpers. 

There was a lot of laughter,

a lot of chatting and

a lot of bonding. 
Thanks to the bumpers, there weren't a lot of gutter balls. 
So next time you're in the area and you're bored or it's raining, head over the bridge to Kilmarnock and
strap on some snappy shoes.


  1. Wait. Kilmarnock has not just bowling but an ENTERTAINMENT CENTER? How have I driven through there a thousand times and never seen it?

    I'm sure BC was not just OK at bowling, but goom, very goom.