Thursday, April 21, 2011

The More Things Change...

...the more they stay the same.

The one thing that I am amazed at through all this tornado drama is how some things are left untouched amidst all the destruction.

Take the items from the shed for example:
 At first glance it probably appears to be a jumbled mess.  But this is pretty much what the inside of the shed looked like before the tornado hit (really).  My surprise is that winds crazy enough to take the shed away left items such as a mesh laundry bag full of sand toys, a whiffle ball bat, the Brat Child's fishing rod, foam noodles, lawn chairs, etc. You would think that these items would have been sucked up with the walls and roof.  I'm glad they weren't as the fishing rod was also used by Big Sis and some of those sand toys belonged to my cousin and I as kids.

Remember the church that was destroyed?  There's a cemetery right next to it.

Just a small parking lot away and yet ALL the flowers and wreaths are sitting exactly where they were left.
Someone also pointed out to me that the large tree next to the hole is untouched as are the handicap parking signs.

The kayak and garbage can both under the deck where they were left. 
And neither is tired to anything.

The porch swing with debris all around and yet not a mark on it and not a sticks or leaf on it either.

The house behind the dish was condemned and the house just to the left of the dish was condemned and yet here stands the dish.

Most important to me is a rather odd birdhouse made by my late grandparents from an old coffee pot. 
I was certain it had, at the very least, fallen from the tree. 
 I called my mom to ask if she had seen it lying around in the debris. 
I was astonished it was still attached to the tree. 
And the tree it's attached to is one of few that is OK.

When the world has fallen down around you, it's the small seemingly insignificant sentimental things that mean the most.


  1. Its just like I have heard or read after tornadoes hit .. there's no explanation of why it destroys an entire housing complex and leaves one house untouched in the middle of the destruction. Its just weird. I am glad that the bird house and the sand toys survived little things like that make it a tiny bit easier to cope with such huge loss

  2. It's amazing how tornados pick and chose isn't it? Hope things get back to normal for you.

  3. The sight of that church breaks my heart. Really all of it does. Stay strong.