Monday, April 18, 2011

Miracle Monday

Today I'm changing the typical Monday programming in lieu of the devastating tornado that went through Deltaville this past Saturday evening. 

Today we're going to talk miracles.

This is the Zoar Baptist Church at the intersection of Route 33 and Jackson Farm Lane.
And this is the pool located directly across Jackson Farm Lane from the church.

I borrowed both photos from the Southside Sentinel who got them from a resident. 

Neither of these photos do much to portray exactly how much damage there was. 
Think $6.1 million worth of damage.
Remember that there are no basements in Deltaville.
People took cover in their homes wherever they could.
Rappahannock General Hospital prepared for mass casualties.
They received NONE.
There were no deaths in Deltaville. 
There were no serious injuries in Deltaville.
People walked out of their flattened houses with scrapes and scratches.
The cemetery next to the church above still had all of the flowers on the graves.
The Deltaville Ballpark was untouched and is 100% OK.
Several people stated that the fact that no one had died, no one was missing and no one seriously injured was truly a miracle.
My mother spoke with the Pastor of the church that was destroyed.  He and his wife were in the Parsonage (the white house behind the church). 
They thought they would be safer in the church as it is a solid brick structure. 
And that's where they went to ride out the storm.
Both were okay.
And the painting of Jesus located above the alter was unscathed.
(the parsonage was untouched while the church was destroyed- amazing)
There were also stories about pets.
One dog was sucked out a window and found unhurt.
And our neighbor's dog Rita who was thought to be dead, found alive but ran off has been loacted.
She had some cuts but was fine and her owner sent her home with a friend.

This is aerial footage of the Jackson Acres community where our house is located.
When you watch this video of the damage, keep in mind there were NO casualties. 
People walked away from this. 
I do want to make mention of our neighboring community of Gloucester, VA that was also hit by a/the tornado.  Unfortunately, 3 people lost their lives and others suffered injuries- some major.  And I also want to mention those in Bertie County, NC where 4 others died. 
Thoughts and prayers go out to those who were so harshly affected.

There will be many many photos to post and blog about once my parents return. 
My mother is serving as my roving reporter and photographer.


  1. WOW, you're right - miraculous. The damage to that brick church is amazing.

  2. I'm so saddened by the devastation. my prayers go out to all affected, especially my friends in VA.

  3. Sending up prayers to all. I sent you more pics via FB. Hang in there chickie.

  4. Oh thank you for updating the runaway pup's fate .. I know with all the destruction everywhere and the loss of lives elsewhere it was a sort of low level thing but I am happy to hear the pup is safe .. as well as the Pastor and his wife ... truly a miracle.

  5. Daryl- Rita's safety isn't low level, we were all worried about her because pets are like kids and when you've lost your home and contents the last thing you want to face is losing your pet too. So glad that was a happy ending. So glad Deltaville in general had a happy ending

  6. It sounds so awful--and I'm so glad you are safe. It looked awful on the news. We are near Franklin, VA, and there were downed trees, etc. near here, but nothing like what youall have been through. The pictures of the church were unbelievable--and the picture of Jesus at the Baptistery--amazing,.

  7. Thank you for the pictures and information, my parents lived in Deltaville for 25 years until just a few years ago and were members of Zoar. How truly heartbreaking to see it destroyed but thank you God for keeping the folks in the community safe. That is amazing! Prayers for you all!

  8. It really is amazing that nobody died. Absolutely amazing.

  9. Amazing how God protects. its sad to see the destruction, but everyone was okay. That is definitely a miracle to celebrate.

  10. OMG. OMG!!!! You are all so truly blessed.