Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our House- Not So Very Very Fine

Our place is the house under the trees just to the left of the boat
(the boat is the neighbor's and another piece of the boat was found a little further up the road).

The front of the house.

Side of the house where the majority of the damage was located.

The back of the house.

The new skylight in the master bedroom.

Removing the trees.

Tarping the roof.

Our new landscaping.

The final decision regarding the house is that is it fine and needs a new roof.  The decks will be repaired, the debris removed, we get new carpeting and vinyl flooring (which we needed prior to the tornado), a new grill, new bedroom set, new shed... on and on. 
We were lucky and fared better than some of our neighbors:

That's a house in the creek

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, thoughts and kind words.


  1. Oh I could just cry looking at the destruction. Sounds like your insurance will cover the damages, but it must have been scarey, and a pain to have to go through all this.

    Mother Nature can be a pain in the a$$ can't she?


  2. Glad the results are better than originally thought. A long road ahead getting things sorted out though. Hang in there!

  3. Even worse than I imagined it, if thats possible .. the house in the lake .. YIKES ... thank goodness for insurance ...