Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hijinx in Mathews County

I had the good fortune of being able to attend the to-do over at Chesapeake Bay Woman's house this past Saturday.  As promised, there was food in the form of Noe Noe's famous Shrimp Bawl and a salad prepared by CBMumma with lettuce from her garden.
Noe Noe hamming it up with an actual
 Womanless Beauty Pageant Contestant in the background
(CBW gets all the local celebrities at her parties)

Somehow the theme of the evening went from "man-pigs" to "everyone must wear a hat". 
There were funky cowboy hats, coonskin caps, chef hats...


and of course crab hats.
Here were have DJ Jazzy J and the Fresh Princess... or Danielle Boone

Noe Noe has such a sparkling personality

CBMumma choosing flowers for our center piece. 
What you don't see is hiding behind that grass.

Love those fuzzy pink slippers!
Which also sport silver claws MEOW!

And because I love her, I respectfully did not post the video of Noe Noe's
strip tease which also features Baby Sis and a cast off belt.


  1. What fun you had! Great pictures, too:)

  2. The parties never end in Mathews!! Love it!

  3. I may need a pair of those slippers .. and did you change your email? I replied to a comment you left on my blog to your Yahoo acct and it bounced back