Friday, May 6, 2011

Barnacle Fetish

I have a barnacle fetish. 
Please dont call the men with white coats to come get me they've tried before and I always manage to outrun them be alarmed, I simply mean that whenever I'm on a beach, I'm drawn to things that are encased by barnacles.  And yes, like the Brat Child, I collect them and put them in my pocket.
I can't really say where the fascination comes in.  I don't have any fond memories of barnacles.  In fact, most of my barnacle memories revolve around some cut in some form caused in some way by a barnacle.

These barnacles are still alive, and yes,
I threw them back in the water.
Perhaps it's because they're prehistoric looking and technically prehistoric having been around in the fossil record for about 20 million years (give or take a year or two). 
Maybe it's because their shells are impermeable. Maybe it's just because I think they look cool. 
Or maybe because barnacles probably have the largest penis to body size ratio of the entire animal kingdom (that's an interesting little gem of knowledge).
Did you know the word "barnacle" was originally used to reference a species of goose called a Barnacle Goose?  Did you know barnacles don't have a heart?
(click here to read about another barnacle, er, goose without a heart and watch a video).


  1. They do look cool. But they are sharp little boogers!

  2. I KNEW IT!This explains a whole lot. Mostly I like DEAD barnacles. And now I have visions of Gustav spinning on a spit....but don't tell Next Door.

  3. Maybe Gustav is a barnacle goose.

    They are very photogenic, aren't they?