Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

During our last outing to the local beaches, Midge (formerly known as Big Sis but requested I use her sports nickname) remembered to bring her own point and shoot camera. 
And she got bit by the photography bug.

Some of Midge's photos:

Passion Flower- she actually enjoyed
going into the plant nursery to take photos.

I'm thrilled. 
She and I have found a hobby we both like and can enjoy together. 


  1. Nice shots .. a cool to have something you two can do together ..

  2. I was surprised at her ability to take some really good shots. I was also surprised that she enjoyed it as much as she did. And I was surprised she enjoyed looking in a plant nursery because she can take her camera and take photos... the last 2 shots are my favorite too.