Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Phoenix...er..Osprey Rising

While there aren't any ashes from which the legendary Phoenix can rise, there is a lot of rubble.  And from that rubble a pair of osprey appeared. 
Perched on our neighbor's dead tree is the beginning of a nest.

Looking up at the nest you can see various building materials
(I'm talking actual human building materials like tar paper, a piece of tin roof, insulation...).

They've been dubbed Leroy and Helen.
Might seem like odd names for a pair of osprey, but those were the names of my great aunt and great uncle Memom and the legendary Pepop.
Since the osprey nested in a tree located on what used to be Pepop's and Memom's property, and since Pepop was such a huge nature lover (he was once the Superintendent of Patapsco state Park in Maryland) I felt the new monikers were fitting.
And if old language lessons hold true, Le Roy means "The King" and I'd say Leroy certainly looks like he is viewing his kingdom from atop his tree.
And of course there's the whole Helen of Troy "the face that launched a thousand ships" analogy.

So despite the loss of so many old trees, there was one good thing that came from it. 
I spent most of my time looking over at the nest and wandering over to take photos of the new neighbors.
Hearing the telltale cry of the osprey made me smile.
And I enjoyed watching the pair continue to bring various pieces of sticks, branches and building material to add to their modest abode. 

So, yes, bad things happen like devastating tornadoes, but there are good things that happen as a result. 

To read about the Legendary Pepop go here.


  1. Fabulous photos ... love their names. If they were here in NYC there'd be a camera crew at the ready to document the building of the nest and the laying of/hatching of egglets ... in fact we have two sets of avian celeb parents here already .. hawks .. http://www.palemale.com/ and more recently there's this couple Violet & Bobby

  2. Magnificent birds and wonderful captures!

  3. Beautiful! Leroy and Willis Ann would have been my choice, but Leroy and Helen sounds more regal.

  4. Thanks! I was pleased with the shots I managed to get (because I NEED a grown up camera). Daryl- I've watched video of Palemale... and I'm glad ole LeRoy and Helen won't have to deal with the paparazzi (other than myself). And CBW- thanks, all I can think about now is "What you talkin bout Willis?"