Thursday, May 5, 2011


Driving into Bethel Beach I spotted some Great White Egrets feeding in the marsh.

Basically, these birds are the white form of the Great Blue Heron.

Then, while walking on the beach, I also spied some "dipper ducks". 
I don't think "dipper duck" is a recognized breed or accepted terminology, but it's how my grandparents referred to any duck seen diving under the surface of the water to reappear some distance away.
I am fairly certain these are common Mergansers. 
I am also fairly certain knowing this makes me a nerd intellectual princess.
I'm also certain that while I'm impressed with my camera's ability to take these photos from a great distance and still be somewhat okay, I definitely need to get a grown up camera so I can go from okay to awesome.
Anyway, I also got a shot of this elusive creature:
Rubberdium duckiquakious

Frequently spotted in the Tidewater region of the Chesapeake Bay
It feeds on shrimp and is attracted to the scent of wine.

If you like bird watching or see a bird that's unfamiliar and want to determine what species it is, I recommend The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
It even includes a sound clip of the birds' song (and yes, I've been playing with it all morning).


  1. You dont need a 'grown up' camera, you already take fine photos ...

  2. Oh, I definitely need a grown up camera! (ok maybe it's a want but whatever) I already have it picked out, I just need to justify the expense.

  3. Hey I reconize that Duck! I am a bird watcher too!

  4. Between dipper ducks and rubberdium duckiquakious I have enough entertaining words to keep me happy for months to come now. Thank you, intellectual princess!

    And there is absolutely no need for another camera.