Thursday, May 12, 2011

Simple Pleasures- Birds

One thing I noticed this past weekend in Deltaville was all the birds singing. I've heard birds singing there before but not to the extent they were that weekend.  I don't know if it was because they were happy to be alive or if all the downed trees and brush have provided more potential homes for them. 
Either way, there are tons of birds in Jackson Acres.
There was "Big Bird" the local Great Blue Heron.

A cardinal singing non stop in the bushes and trees that were left.
His woman was seen too, but I couldn't get a photo of her.

LeRoy and Helen the new neighbors.

photo borrowed from

An Indigo Bunting was spotted.
I saw one of these at home about a week before seeing this one. 
In all my 30-some years I've only seen one of these birds.  Now I've seen 2 within a week of each other.

Remember that old coffeepot birdhouse that weathered the tornado?  I can't remember the last time I saw a bird actually nesting in it.  In fact, it was more of a nostalgic piece because it was made many moons ago by my grandparents.  This past weekend I noticed some "debris" in it.  Upon further inspection I realized there was a bird sitting on a nest in the coffeepot. 
When it flew out I saw a Bluebird.

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Can you imagine?
A Bluebird of Happiness in my coffeepot birdhouse!
I'd like to think it was a sign from my late Grandmother saying "Hey, thanks for fixing my birdhouses and everything is going to end up just fine."

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  1. Wow cool .. I think you are right .. its gonna be ok!