Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 12: Something You Don't Leave the House Without

I guess the best answer is my cell phone.  
I find this rather amazing that in a just a few years society 
has gone from not being easily accessible away from a home or office to being accessible 24/7.
I remember the days of payphones
I remember when I got my very first address book and my grandmother gave me $.10 
in case of needing to make an emergency call.  
Yeah, it was $.10 back then.
My kids won't ever use a payphone.
I also remember that back when we had a trailer down in Deltaville,  
we didn't have a phone in the house.
This was not an issue when I was under the age of 13,
but when you get to high school and you have a boyfriend 
you can't bear to go a whole week without talking to
your only option was walking/biking to the Little Sue 
with a bucket of change and calling from the payphone.
The phone used to be located between the window and the ice chest.
Now there's talk of getting rid of the house phone because we all have cell phones.
(and I've noticed now that I don't even like to talk on my cell phone.  
I'd rather someone just text me)

1 comment:

  1. I too prefer text or email to actually talking on a phone but then I was never a big phone talker even pre-mobiles ... and when I was in high school I kept dimes in my penny loafers after I caught hell for not calling to say I would be late coming home from a friend's house and freaked my mother out .. Now she said you wont have any excuse not to call if you are going to be late ..

    of course I still needed to find a booth with a working phone .. not so easy in NYC back then