Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 7: What Makes You Happy

This is how I view happiness:

The straight line would be what I would call "contentedness" with the peaks being the absolute highest happiness and the troughs being the lowest low.  Most people have many contented moods, not to high, not too low but just right.  When I think of "happy" that's what I think of.  So here's a list of things that make me feel warm, fuzzy, chipper and content:

*The sound of spring peepers
*Sitting in a chair on the beach with the sound of the waves and the sand on my toes
*A good book- read while under the covers on a cold night
*Rain on a tin roof
*A spontaneous hug from my kids
*Getting a great photo
*Dancing to the radio
*Rubber Ducky floats
*Crab hats
* People in crab hats and/or rubber ducky floats or any other odd article of clothing
*Lunches/dinners/drinks with friends
*Baby chickens
*Throwing sticks for the dog so she can jump off the pier to retrieve them
*Working in the garden planting seeds
*Weeding the garden and seeing all that I've accomplished
*Riding a horse

But the number one things that makes me "happy" would be spending time in Deltaville/Mathews


  1. spending time in Mathews makes me happy too

  2. Crab hats and rubber ducky floats completely rock. The people who don them must be completely secure in their sanity and identity. Anyone who goes against them messes with their Zen. These people need to be forewarned about the dangers of messing with the Zen of Crab Hats and Ducky Floats.

    In other news, Peepers have been crazy noisy here...since FEBRUARY.