Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 28: What Stresses You Out?

In my current state of mind (complete and utter distraction) I think it best to just list those things that cause my blood pressure to rise.

* Stupid drivers.  I don't mind if you go the speed limit, after all, that is the law, but doing anything under the speed limit on a sunny day is unacceptable. Also, if you pull out in front of me you better be stepping on your gas pedal.

*Traffic- Typically caused by the above stupid drivers.  I hate being late so hitting traffic when I have somewhere to be at a certain time stresses me out.

* Being Late- Something I inherited from my dad.

* Disorganization in my work space- This is amusing somewhat because as a teenager, my personal space was typically cluttered.  Though I always knew where things were.  Now I get stressed at work if I have the desk too cluttered.  When I cook, I have to clean up the kitchen first. 

I imagine these all seem like trivial things, and they are.  That's because, honestly, I'm just too damn happy to dwell on those things that cause the most stress in my life.  And most of the ones I mentioned aren't really bothering me either.  That's right, I've developed a wonderfully cheery disposition.  And I haven't even had any wine.


  1. stress .. I get stressed by co-workers stupidity .. okay maybe not stress but pissed off for sure .. and people who bring baby strollers on the subway at rush hour ... I think I get angry more than I get stressed tho the anger I am sure turns into stress like carbs turn into sugar during digestion

  2. Although I am not a neat/organized person by any stretch of the imagination, I must absolutely agree with you on the work and kitchen space needing to be, if not clean, then at least uncluttered before my brain can work.

    I also cannot stand being late.

    Of course you know the only cure for stress is Watersand, aka Deltaville. (Or Mathews, but same thing, different name.)