Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 21: Something You're Proud Of

That's easy.

I have a beautiful talented daughter who is a scholar athlete so named by the school, has made player of the year for field hockey, had a good season of basketball, tried out for a sport (soccer) she hasn't played since she was 5 and made the team, has been accepted by an excellent college, is being emailed by the field hockey and basketball coaches of that school, has an incredible voice, doesn't give me too much teenage drama, helps me out whenever and however she can, genuinely cares about people and wants to help them, has a clear career path planned, makes good moral choices, is absolutely gorgeous and hilarious.

I have a hexy son who tells his mom that he loves her throughout the day, tells her he misses her when he isn't with her, likes to help in the kitchen when I make salad, is doing an excellent job learning his numbers, letters, and words, has been able to read a couple of 'I Can Read' books at home, helps with the animals (as long as poop isn't involved), is a good friend, has pretty good manners, is funny as all get out and has a great brain....


  1. two fabulous kids .. clearly you are a wonderful mom

  2. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! They're fantabulous, both of them.